Commerce Policy

Last modified: 1/8/2018

  1. When you offer goods or services for sale, we consider all messages and media related to your goods or services, including any descriptions, prices, fees, taxes and/or any required legal disclosures, to constitute product listings. Product listings must comply with these policies, and applicable law and regulation.
  2. You are solely responsible for your product listings and providing any sales terms, privacy terms, or other terms applicable to your interactions with users.
  3. We are not responsible for processing, paying for, or fulfilling any sales relating to your product listings.
  4. You are solely responsible for determining, collecting, withholding, reporting, and remitting all applicable taxes, duties, fees and additional charges for sales relating to your product listings.
  5. Offers to sell and sales of the following are prohibited:

    • Illegal, prescription or recreational drugs, including marijuana;
    • Tobacco items and related paraphernalia;
    • Unsafe supplements;
    • Weapons, ammunition, or explosives;
    • Animals;
    • Adult items or services;
    • Alcohol;
    • Adult health items;
    • Real money gambling services;
    • Goods, items, or posts that we determine may be or are fraudulent, misleading, deceptive or offensive;
    • Items or products with overtly sexualized positioning;
    • Subscriptions and digital products; and
    • Products or items that facilitate or encourage unauthorized access to digital media.