WhatsApp Business Solution Terms

Last Modified: June 12, 2018

  1. WhatsApp provides the WhatsApp Business Solution to you under these WhatsApp Business Solution Terms. You agree to the WhatsApp Business Terms of Service (“Business Terms”), in which all references to “Business Services” means the WhatsApp Business Solution. To the extent of a conflict between the Business Terms and these WhatsApp Business Solution Terms, the latter will govern. Capitalized terms have the meaning set forth in the Business Terms or herein contextually.

  2. You agree to use the WhatsApp Business Solution in compliance with (a) our technical and product documentation, and any other related documentation provided by Facebook or WhatsApp (collectively “Documentation”); and (b) the WhatsApp Business Solution Policy.

  3. Administrator. During the setup of your WABA(s), you will appoint a system administrator(s) of your account who is responsible for managing your WhatsApp Business Client instance. You must ensure you have an active administrator at all times.

  4. Third Parties. If you retain a third party as your service provider to manage your access to the WhatsApp Business Solution, you represent and warrant that the service provider will only process data from the WhatsApp Business Solution pursuant to your instructions and authorization, and subject to a written agreement that obligates such data processing to be in compliance with this Agreement, including being as protective of any personal data, Facebook, WhatsApp, and their respective users, as this Agreement. As between you and WhatsApp, you are solely and fully liable for all acts and omissions by your service providers.

  5. Restrictions. With respect to any data you obtain from using the WhatsApp Business Solution, you must not directly or indirectly (a) with the exception of the content of your message threads, use such data to track, build, or augment profiles on individual WhatsApp users; (b) share, transfer, sell, license, or distribute such data, including any anonymous, aggregate, or derived forms of such data, to any third parties; or (c) retarget on or off of WhatsApp and the Facebook Companies’ services, use piggybacking or redirects, or combine that data with any other third-party sources of data. We may terminate your account and revoke your access immediately if we reasonably determine that you have breached these restrictions. This Section survives termination of these WhatsApp Business Solution Terms.

  6. Reporting. You agree to provide us reports related to your usage of the WhatsApp Business Solution, as we may reasonably request from time to time, no later than 30 days following the date of our request.

  7. WhatsApp may update this WhatsApp Business Solution Terms (“Change”); by continuing to use the WhatsApp Business Solution after such Change, you consent to such Change.