How do I delete a contact?

The contacts that you see in WhatsApp come from your address book. There is no way to directly edit the Contacts screen.

To delete a contact from the WhatsApp Favs screen permanently, you will need to delete the contact from your phone's address book.

In order to find the WhatsApp contact in your phone's address book:

1. Find the contact in the Contacts screen in WhatsApp  2. Long press the contact  3. Tap on Open in Contacts in the right pane  4. On the Contact info page tap the Action Menu button > Delete

Then, refresh your WhatsApp contact list by opening WhatsApp > Go to the Favs screen > Action Menu > Refresh Favorites

To delete a contact from WhatsApp favorites screen temporary, you will need to delete the contact from the WhatsApp favorites screen without deleting the contact from your address book.  To do that simply:

1. Open WhatsApp > Favs Screen  2. Long press the contact > tap Delete from the right pane

To add the contact back to the favorites screen you will need to:  1. Open WhatsApp > Contacts  2. Long press the contact > tap Add to favorites

If you still see the contact, it is likely that you are seeing the conversation on your Chats screen. To delete a chat, simply tap and hold on the contact and then select Delete chat.

Cheers,   WhatsApp Support Team