Why can't I connect to the Push notification server?

"Connectivity error. WhatsApp detected an issue with your phone that will prevent you from receiving new message notifications."

When WhatsApp displays the above error message, it usually indicates that there is a network issue that is preventing a connection to the Microsoft Push server. Rebooting your device can help you to reconnect to the Push server.

If you still get the error, please check the following

  • Go to Windows Phone Settings, open battery saver, turn it [on] and [off] and reboot your device (turn the phone off, wait 30 seconds and turn it on again).
  • Ensure that WhatsApp is pinned to Start. If it is, unpin it from Start, reboot your device and pin to Start again. That way, if you miss a notification, you can still see an unread message count on the live tile.
  • Make sure your device is not on the edge or outside of a coverage area supported by your mobile carrier or your Wi-Fi network. The connection should be stable and reliable.
  • If Wi-Fi is being used and cellular data is not available, your device must have a clear path to the internet for push notifications to be received. Some corporate networks might block the connection (more information about captive Wi-Fi here).
  • If roaming, please make sure to enable roam under: Windows Phone Settings > system > cellular > Data roaming options. Note: Roaming will normally result in additional charges from your mobile provider. Please read this FAQ article for more information.
  • Windows Phone 8 only: Open Windows Phone Settings > applications > background tasks > WhatsApp. Tap block and then select the box “Turn background tasks back on for this app the next time I open it”. Reboot your phone and open WhatsApp.

To troubleshoot a connection issue, see this article.

Additional possible solutions

  1. Unpin the Store app from Start.

  2. Erase history of Internet Explorer.

  3. Add a new language to keyboard (any language that requires a download; you can remove it later, after reinstalling WhatsApp).

  4. Restart your device (turn off and turn on again).

  5. After restarting, uninstall and reinstall WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Support Team