How do I send media, contacts, or location?

To send multimedia over WhatsApp:

  1. Open a chat with a contact or a group.
  2. Tap on the paper clip icon (the one in the middle).
  3. Select the type of media you wish to send:
    • Camcorder or Camera allows you to record video or take a photo.
    • Photo allows you to choose and send an existing photo from your phone's Albums. You can tap on select at the bottom of the screen to select and send multiple photos.
    • Video allows you to choose and send an existing video from your phone's Albums.
    • Contact allows you to send the information of a contact saved in your phone's address book over WhatsApp.
    • Location allows you to share your current location. You can choose from nearby places or send your exact location.

To forward media:

  1. In a chat screen, select the message that contains the media you want to forward.
  2. Long press on the selected message.
  3. Tap forward and select the contact to whom you wish to forward the media.

To learn more about sharing, please read detailed steps for: Android | iPhone | BlackBerry | Nokia S40 | Nokia S60 | BlackBerry 10.

WhatsApp Support Team