Why don’t I get WhatsApp notifications?

To ensure the prompt delivery of WhatsApp message notifications, your phone must be configured properly.

Some tips on how to configure your notifications

  • Notifications on Windows Phone require a strong network connection.
    • If your phone has a bad internet connection, or is on the edge or outside of a coverage area, it may take some time before WhatsApp is able to reconnect to your phone and send you notifications.
  • If the Battery Saver is enabled, notifications will not get delivered to conserve the battery. Please turn the Battery Saver off under Windows Phone Settings > battery saver > Off.
  • Ensure WhatsApp is pinned to start. That way, if you miss a notification, you can still see an unread message count on the live tile.
  • Ensure your ringer is on and the All other notifications box is checked under Windows Phone Settings > ringtones + sounds.

For Windows Phone 8 users

  • Make sure that you choose WhatsApp to show a detailed status in: Windows Phone Settings > lock screen > Choose apps to show quick status: WhatsApp.

  • Make sure that you have configured your Wi-Fi connection so that it stays on when the screen times out. Go to: Windows Phone Settings > WiFi > advanced > check on Keep WiFi on when screen times out. This is only available in Windows Phone 8.0.

  • Make sure to turn off Restrict background data in data sense. To do this, swipe the start screen to the left to see the application list > Data Sense > Settings > Restrict background data > Off.

Please check this article if you have issues connecting to the Push notification server.

WhatsApp Support Team