I received a notification/live tile update, why isn't there a message?


If you receive notifications and/or live tile updates, but the messages are missing when you open WhatsApp, this usually indicates a problem with your phone's network connection.


On Windows Phone, notifications and messages use different types of connections. It is possible the connection used to deliver a message is disconnected, while the connection used to deliver notifications may still be active.

Push notifications are delivered through a connection via Microsoft's servers, whereas messages are delivered through an Internet connection made via WhatsApp servers. You may receive push notifications from Microsoft, but if your phone cannot connect to the Internet, your messages will not be received. Adjusting your phone's network settings will usually solve the problem.

Please carefully follow the steps in this article to properly configure your phone's network connection. You can find troubleshooting steps on how to connect to push notification servers in this FAQ article.

WhatsApp Support Team