How do I use Voice Messaging?

Voice Messaging allows you to instantly communicate with a contact or group chat. It provides an enriching chat experience, and you can count on it to deliver important and time-sensitive messages. As such, all Voice Messages are downloaded automatically.

Sending a Voice Message

To use Voice Messaging, simply tap and hold on the Voice Message button.

  • For touch screen phones, the Voice Message button is a microphone that replaces the Send button on the chat screen.
  • For full keyboard phones, the Voice Message button is the Center button.

If you want to cancel a Voice Message:

Click on the the icon, or slide on the screen if you have a touchscreen phone.

A really cool and innovative feature of Voice Messaging is that when your Voice Message has been played on the recipient's phone, the microphone icon will turn blue.

Receiving a Voice Message

After you receive a Voice Message, tap/press the Play button to listen.

You can tap Options > Use Handset to alternate.

The microphone next to the messages that you have not listened to will be green:

The microphone next to the messages that you have listened to will be blue:

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