How do I send media, contacts, or location?

Here is how to send media over WhatsApp:

  1. Open a chat with a person or group.
  2. Select Options or tap on the Paperclip icon located in the upper right corner of your screen if you have a touch screen phone.
  3. Choose the type of media you wish to send.

    • Send Image, Send Video, or Send Audio allows you to send an existing media file.
    • Camera allows you to create a new media file using your phone's camera.
    • Send Contact allows you to send the information of a contact saved in your phone's address book over WhatsApp.

At this time, you cannot send your location on WhatsApp with S40 devices.

Forwarding media or a message

If you wish to forward media or a message, you can highlight the media or message and then:

  1. On physical keyboard phones:
    Select Options > Forward to send it to one of your contacts or groups.
  2. On touch screen phones:
    Long press on the highlighted media and select Forward.

Note: When you forward a media file, the file does not upload again. This helps you use less data.

To learn more about sharing, please read detailed steps for: Android | iPhone | BlackBerry | Nokia S60 | Windows Phone | BlackBerry 10.

WhatsApp Support Team