WhatsApp and push notifications

When a message is sent to you via WhatsApp, but you do not have the app open to receive it, your iPhone will automatically display a push notification to alert you of the message. iOS apps can provide three types of notifications:

  • Sounds: An audible alert plays.
  • Alerts/Banners: An alert or banner appears on the screen.
  • Badges: An image or number appears on the application icon.

WhatsApp Calling Notifications

There are different ways to answer a WhatsApp call based on your notification settings:

  • Alerts: To answer a call from an alert, tap on Accept. To decline a call, tap on Close to ignore the alert.
  • Banners: To answer a call from a banner, tap on the banner on the top of the screen. To decline a call, simply ignore the banner.

Troubleshooting notifications

Most often, issues with receiving push notification can be resolved by checking your settings:

In WhatsApp > Settings > Notifications, check that Alerts are enabled for Messages and Groups. If you want to have an audible tone play when a notification is sent to your phone, then be sure to have an alert tone selected for Message and Group notifications.

In iPhone Settings > Notifications, select WhatsApp. Here, you can set your preferences for Alert style (Banners, Pop-up alert, or None), Badges, and Sounds. If you want notifications to appear when your phone's display is off, be sure to enable Show on Lock Screen.

The alert sound volume is controlled by your iPhone's ringer volume, which can be set in iPhone Settings > Sounds. Here, you can also set your Vibrate preferences.

Push notifications require a valid SIM card and an active Wi-Fi or cellular connection.

Note: Notifications use Wi-Fi only when a cellular connection is unavailable. Firewalls and proxy servers may affect your ability to receive notifications. For more information, see Unable to use Apple Push Notification service (APNs).

WhatsApp Support Team