I'm going to change my number and/or phone, what should I do?

Before you stop using a phone number or phone, you should migrate or delete your WhatsApp account. For a simple way to delete your old account and migrate to a new number, use our Change Number feature. To learn about this process, please read here. Another option is to delete the account, without activating a new number with WhatsApp.

Make sure your contacts delete your old phone number from their address books and input your new number. As it is a common practice for mobile providers to recycle numbers, you should expect that your former number will be reassigned.

If you stop using your account but forget to delete or migrate it, you may contact us to request that your account be deactivated. Once you stop using your account, if the same number is used to activate a WhatsApp account on a new device after 45 days, your old account will be deleted completely.

Before you give away your smartphone, make sure to wipe that phone of all your data. Remember also to wipe the SD card, if your phone has one. This ensures that none of your private data will fall into someone else's hands.

WhatsApp Support Team